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Let’s Go Viral With Infographics!

You might be wondering, but the truth is that most of you did! But what urged you to do so? Is it because you never found the words to express your thought or is it because those cave paintings could miraculously convey your sentiments and thoughts to the chosen ones.

Throughout history, a treatise on painting or paper could say much more than what you might say in thousand words, and that’s why we combine figures and text with graphs.

The emergence of the internet gave rise to the use of infographics. Nowadays, it is used in several fields like education, government, the corporate sector, medicine, engineering, research and development and so on. Certain types of infographics are targeted to people with specialized knowledge or expertise.

Let me ask you a question… Why should you integrate infographics into your overall marketing strategy?
Hieroglyphics has been developed throughout history and today it’s known by Infographics. If we deeply investigate the capabilities of infographics, w…
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Why My World is So Complicated?

Why My World is So Complicated?
It is a poem I wrote about myself in 2012 at UMBC (University of MaryLand Baltimore County); with the amazing teacher Mary who conducted the TET (Teaching English to Teenagers) course, expressing how being a teenager could turn me sometimes into a drama queen.
It was my first attempt ever to write a poem. A poem about teenagers! I struggled at the beginning to think how can I start writing my very first line, but when I noticed than I was running out of time I told myself "Why don't I write about my own experience as a teenager?" I am not going to talk much. Read it and let me know if I was a typical drama queen then.

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Abeer Q

Learning Webskills by Abeer Qumaishi

At last, I could log in to my blog after being this close to keep my sanity! I was so desperate due to facing a technical problem that occurred, and I thought that this course was over for me even before it really started. Right now, I am so happy to continue the journey with you. Blogging is an amazing way to express ideas. Nevertheless, I am still exploring It will take me sometime to know how to manage it.

This term, I am teaching high-intermediate levels. I have created a nicenet online class for my students which is an interesting way as they said.  

 I have read all of your blogs which are impressive, and they gave a feeling of excitement that I am joining a wonderful group.

Abeer Qumaishi
Yemen, Aden