Monday, October 27, 2014

I am Learning Somthing New This Week

Hello My Colleagues,

This week, I learned new teaching techniques from "Forum" in how to make a good use of one video to serve the students educational needs and improve their skills either through building their vocabulary, helping them understand the different structure of different tenses, and encourage them to write stories through listening to a variety of sounds. I am considering it to apply in my classroom.  Not only that, but I also read the article of "Teaching Pronunciation for Adult English Language Teachers" that is really beneficial. Here in The Arab World, we do not have sounds in our language like /v/, /p/; therefore, when I teach sounds I have to demonstrate the differences between /b/ and /p/ also between /f/ and /v/. Moreover, the students face a great confusion in recognizing stress syllables. So as to help them get over this dilemma, I use the stress syllables and sounds methodology by Professor. Marsh The pronunciation Doctor that I have learned on the cyber and then later I had the chance to meet her last year in The US TESOL Convention, Portland, Oregon. She has a YouTube Channel which I highly recommended. Here is the link for syllable stress and here is one for vowel sounds

I used to suffer in the past remembering my favorite website links after formatting my laptop, but has saved my day. Now I do not have to worry about losing links. Wherever and whenever I go, all what I have to do is to log in to this website and viola! I can see my favorite links.

It is amazing to learn something new everyday!


Abeer Qumaishi
Yemen, Aden


  1. Dear Abeer,

    Please visit this new blog I have created and leave your comment on the idea

    Gordana from Serbia

  2. Hello there!

    Thanks for sharing these links a lot! This week was pretty good for useful information!

    By the way, check this new tool for vocab skills at

    Best regards,
    Zulyar Kavashev
    Kazakhstan, Almaty